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          Add your voice to the Saskatchewan Liberal Party and help select our next leader.
          Join for free by September 18th to take part!

          Sask Liberals to announce Leadership ndidates

          Currently, two individuals have submitted their paperwork to run for leader. Any last-minute ndidates have until August 24th at 17:00 to file. The names of the ndidates will not be disclosed until after August 24th ...
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          Strong Leadership and Vision Key to our Province’s Future Success

          Someone asked me, what does Saskatchewan need in the 21st century? My answer to that is a vision for the future. Like it or not, this world is changing. Some things for the better, some for the worse. The pandemic is shaking all of us to the core, taking the ...
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          The election is over. Where do we go from here?

          First of all, as Interim Leader, I would like to apologize for our less than stellar showing in the October 26th general election. Being named as interim leader after the sudden departure of my predecessor on the day before the writ was dropped left both myself and the party at ...
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          About Us

          We're an open and independent politil movement working to help Saskatchewan people, families and businesses grow and prosper through the principles of personal liberty, free enterprise and responsible government.

          Upcoming Events

          There are no upcoming events at this time.

          The Saskatchewan Liberal team is working hard to promote positive ideas to help Saskatchewan people, families, and businesses recover and prosper through a strong and diversified economy, supporting families and communities, leadership in edution & health re, and ensuring fair and efficient government.

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